Young Learners

Music makes a great part of a fulfilling childhood, and can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment. Learning a musical instrument isn’t right for every child, but we think every child deserves the opportunity to give it a try. Children are in the habit of learning; they live in a world of curiosity and possibilities, and they enjoy gaining new skills. We are used to helping children to take their first steps with a musical instrument, and can help them take their musicianship as far as they wish to.

Many musical skills come naturally to some extent, but all of them need to be refined and extended in a growing musician. This takes effort and persistence, with some new skills developing more easily than others. Your child will need your support as well as our teaching – fledgeling skills need to be reviewed and practised between lessons. You don’t need to be a musician to help, just a source of positive reminders and encouragement.

There are many “side benefits” to learning music, beyond the enjoyment of actually making music. For example:

· Sense of achievement

· A helpful and constructive mode of self-expression

· Self-discipline and being organised

· Enhanced academic performance

· Socialising with other musicians in orchestras and bands

· Experience of performing and dealing with nerves

See also the more extensive list at the Benefits of Learning Music page.