What Makes Our Lessons Special?

· It’s all about you making music. As far as possible, you will be learning by actively playing your instrument, playing musical games, practising new skills. We will explain and demonstrate things for you, but you won’t spend much time passively listening.

· It’s personalised. We only teach one person at a time, so the lessons focus on your learning. There is no compromise with other students’ learning needs or speeds. We are used to teaching people of all ages, and adapt our teaching style and expectations accordingly.

· It’s high quality. We are experienced teachers, with track records of preparing students for successful performances and grade exams. Our teaching studios are set up for teaching online or in person. Online lessons benefit from extra camera angles so we can demonstrate technique clearly; also we can show you written music directly on your screen.

· It’s convenient. You don’t need to leave your home – online lessons come to you. All you need is an instrument, a laptop or tablet, and an internet connection that is fast and reliable enough.

· It’s cost effective. Your learning is guided by a teacher who can keep you on track and ensure that you get value from your lessons. If your lessons are online, you don’t spend time and money on travel.

And of course the best way to find out about how we teach is to contact us now.