The Violin has been used to make beautiful and exciting music for centuries. The violin often plays the melody in orchestras and other groups. As a violinist, you will have a huge choice of musical styles to play, ranging from baroque and classical music to folk music, jazz, film music and pop.  Once you have a good foundation of skills, you can explore this music, playing solo or in a band or orchestra.

As a beginner, you will start by exploring how to make sounds with your instrument and control the qualities of those sounds. Next, you will be playing simple tunes and finding out how to play an increasing range of notes. You will also learn how to read music for your instrument.

As you extend the range of notes that you can play confidently, you can take on a bigger range of melodies. You will learn to play with expression, using different volumes and lengths of note to make the music more fun and exciting.

In due course, you will play alongside backing music, either a recording or played by another person. At this stage you can begin to work with music from the exam board syllabuses, which provides a big selection of music that needs different levels of skill. We will use this music because it provides good learning  material, but you could potentially use it to mark your progress by taking a grade exam.

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