Trinity College London – Online Exams

Trinity are now offering all their music exams as an online option, which they are calling Digital Grades.  This entails you performing all of your exam pieces in one video take, and sending it to Trinity for assessment. You don’t need to wait for an appointment in the usual end-of-term periods, but can take the exam whenever you are ready. You enter online, get login details sent to you, and then upload your video.

There is more information at the Trinity website:

Digital Grades for the “Classical & Jazz” route. Here

Digital Grades for “Rock & Pop” route: Here.

On each page, there are tabs with guidance on setting up to video the exam, and submitting your entry. There is a handy video showing how to set up your instrument and camera to allow the examiner to see and hear what you are playing.

Note that content of the Digital Grades is a bit different from on-site exams. There is more emphasis on your prepared pieces and less on “supporting tests”. So for Classical & Jazz you play your 3 pieces and your choice of 2 grade exercises.  For Rock & Pop you just play your 3 pieces.  The remaining marks are awarded for “Overall Performance” as described in this video here.

You can enter the exams online. It’s better for you to do the entry, rather than me, so that communications from Trinity go direct to you rather than via me. As part of the entry process you are asked to nominate the exam centre that is local to you – so that admin still goes via a local contact rather than a central one. I suggest that you select Oxford as your exam centre.

Please discuss exams with teacher before making an entry – I will want to ensure that you are well prepared!