Online Lessons

It has been possible to teach and learn over the internet for some time now. This has become a more effective, mainstream and accepted method of learning in recent years, due to a number of factors:

· Broadband speeds have increased, improving the quality of video calls.

· Video conference services, such as Zoom have kept improving.

· Music teachers (some of us) have begun to embrace new technology and invest in equipment to enhance online teaching.

· Most households now have at least one laptop or tablet, ideal for online music lessons.

· The Covid-19 lockdown of 2020 forced most teaching to go online; we all learned more about teaching and learning this way.

There is no doubt that online lessons are different from in person face-to-face lessons. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Screenshot of an online cello lesson

The key advantage of online lessons, as compared to lessons in your school or at a teaching studio are:

· You don’t have to leave your home, wherever you live.

· A young student’s parent can more easily be present for the lesson, to appreciate what is being learned and support learning more effectively between lessons.

· You can easily see us demonstrate skills, from our studios, using camera angles that help you to see exactly what’s going on. For example, we have overhead cameras above the piano and drum kit, giving you a view from above.

· Also, we can show you around written music on-screen and help you to annotate your copy.

· We can see your practice setting at home, and advise you on instrument set up for best posture and technical performance.

· No worries about lock-downs, travel restrictions, school closures, or virus contagion.

Having said all that, online lessons aren’t right for everybody. Some students respond better to in-person lessons. Others prefer a blend of in-person and online.

To find out more about online lessons, and potentially try them out, contact us now.