Music Theory

If you are learning any musical instrument, you will also have learned some music theory. You will know something about different note lengths and pitches, and about how we write music down on a page. You may also have explored how some notes sound really good together and some seem to clash, some rows of notes sound “right” and others sound a bit odd. These are all aspects of music theory.

Taking lessons in music theory gives you a much fuller and more detailed understanding of the rudiments of music. You will also become more skillful at understanding written music, and using the language of musicians.

Our lessons are individually tailored to your age, musical ability and goals. We use a variety of teaching materials to help you progress. You will learn through live lessons and through some music writing work in between lessons. As far as possible, the lessons have you learning by doing, not just listening to teacher talk.

Music theory paper and pencil
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Most music theory students want to reach the ABRSM Grade 5 exam. This is a very well-recognised qualification, at which you have a really sound understanding of the structures and language of western music. Some students choose to study further. For example, if you are planning to take A-level music, ABRSM Grade 6 gives a really helpful grounding.

Screenshot of an online Music Theory lesson
Screenshot of an online Music Theory lesson. Teacher and student can view the same screen interactively.

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