MTB Exams – “How To”

Here is some guidance on how to enter for a Music Teachers’ Board exam.
Do discuss the exam entry with your teacher before making an entry!

General Information about the Board can be found here – link to MTB

Entering for the exam
1. Sign Up with MTB as an Individual User, using this form.
2. Enter for the appropriate exam. When you’ve Signed Up, you’ll be able to Log In to their website and then click the Make an Entry tab.
3. Fill in the details of the Candidate, Instrument, Grade, etc.
Please enter as a Practical Exam with Teacher Present. You will need to enter my Centre Number, which is: 100730. Pay the fee.
4. Download the Cover Sheet, which will appear as soon as you’ve made your entry. Send a copy of the Cover Sheet to your teacher – it will be needed as part of the exam.

Exam Set-up
1. Download the MTB 2021 App onto the device you plan to use for recording the exam, from Google Play Store or i-Store.
2. Ensure that you have a quiet, uninterrupted time and place in which to complete the exam, agreed with teacher.