In person lessons

Some students like the traditional approach of in person lessons in a teaching studio.

For the first part of our teaching careers, this was the only way to do music lessons, with teacher and student in the same place. Spaces do come up in our timetables at home, in schools we visit and at the homes of suitably located students. Do contact us if you would like to be considered for in person lessons. In person lessons to have some helpful features :

· They work regardless of your internet connection speed. Sound quality doesn’t depend on the quality of your microphone, computer or headphones.

· Some aspects of communication are easier than they would be online.

· Teacher and student can play duets together, which is not possible on-line due to a slight lag on the internet.

In a time of covid-19 restrictions on social mixing, many of our in person students have had a mixture of normal lessons with online lessons, and most have coped with this very well indeed.

Contact us now to find out more.