Adult Learners

Adult Learners are Welcome

Music is for everyone, regardless of age! It’s never too late to get pleasure and fulfilment from learning to play a musical instrument. Perhaps you never had the opportunity in earlier years, or you want to reconnect with instrument you first played as a child.  Or maybe inspiration has struck out of nowhere.

You can do it!  We can tailor a learning programme to help you, whether you are starting from scratch or renewing your ability. Learning materials will reflect your maturity – you don’t have to have a tutor book featuring nursery rhymes and cartoon animals!  

We appreciate the challenges that learning as an adult can bring, as well as the excitement and pleasure. You might be surprised by how much you already know about music, even if you don’t yet have the vocabulary to discuss it, or ability to read it. You can expect us us to be patient and encouraging, as well as giving a clear sense of progression.

The first step is get in touch with us, to talk through what you want to learn and where you are starting from.